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In the case of a nuclear strike: The NukeMap simulator will show the consequences in a given neighborhood

The nuclear threat. NukeMap shows what will remain of your city after a nuclear strike

The nuclear threat. NukeMap shows what will remain of your city after a nuclear strike

The frenetic politics of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin have resulted in the threat of nuclear war being discussed globally as a reality for the first time since the early 1960s. Considering the fact that it is impossible to predict the future actions of the head of the Kremlin, SPEKA offers Ukrainians to check out the NukeMap service, which will help simulate the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons on any site chosen by the user.

Predicting the results of a nuclear explosion using NukeMap

  • On the map, choose the place of a probable explosion of a nuclear bomb.
  • Choose the munition type (for example, Topol-M, currently in the Russian arsenal).
  • Choose the explosion type — surface burst or airburst (in the case of Ukraine, the latter should be chosen, because a surface burst implies that a bomb is placed on the ground).
  • Get the visual information with damage zones shown graphically and described.

To check how the service works, follow the link.

What is known about the NukeMap service?

NukeMap was created by Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science at the Stevens Institute of Technology who studies the history of nuclear weapons. The first version of the service was released in 2012 and was intended to be a partly educational instrument to illustrate the differences in the size of nuclear bombs.

Context. According to analysts' estimates, Russia has 5,975 nuclear warheads. However, information on the country includes only warheads of strategic carriers. At the same time, Moscow has a significant number of tactical nuclear weapons that are difficult to estimate.

As reported, the US has been sending non-public messages to Moscow for several months, warning the Russian leadership of the serious consequences that could arise from its use of nuclear weapons.

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