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Norway may hand over advanced missiles to Ukraine: What NASAMS and NSM are

Members of the Norwegian Parliament are in favor of handing over advanced missile weapons to Ukraine, the portal Militarnyi reports.

This refers to NSM anti-ship missiles and the NASAMS air defense system.

In his address to the Norwegian Parliament on March 30, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for NASAMS mobile air defense systems and Harpoon anti-ship missiles to be provided to Ukraine.


NSM (Naval Strike Missile) is a medium-range anti-ship subsonic cruise missile. It was developed and designed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg.

It is equipped with a turbojet engine. The maximum launch range is 185 km, and the weight of the warhead is 120 kg. It is in service in Norway, Germany, the United States, Poland, and Malaysia.


NASAMS air defense system is manufactured by a consortium of the American corporation Raytheon Technologies and the Norwegian group Kongsberg.

The firing range of the NASAMS II model using AIM-120C AMRAAM missiles is up to 25 km, and the range in altitude is up to 14-15 km.


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