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New regulations for entering Ukraine: who will be allowed without a PCR test


Since June 7, Ukraine will change the regulations of entry into the country for foreigners and citizens of Ukraine. This is stated in the decree No. 583 of June 2, published on June 7.

To enter the territory of Ukraine, foreigners, citizens, and stateless persons must produce one of three documents:

  • the result of a PCR test for coronavirus;
  • the result of a rapid antigen test;
  • a certificate of completion of the full vaccination course.

Test results must be no older than 72 hours. The vaccination certificate must contain data on inoculation with one of the vaccines that are approved by WHO (and Ukraine). Documents must be produced in English or translated into English.

Foreigners permanently residing in Ukraine can enter without tests, but subject to 14 days of self-isolation, if they do not have the results of a PCR test, antigen, or vaccination certificate. It is also possible to do a test on the territory of Ukraine, and thus stop self-isolation. As before, only the PCR test is suitable for this.

Context. From May 24, 2021, Ukrainian citizens and foreigners had to do a PCR test for coronavirus when entering Ukraine—no later than 72 hours before crossing the border.

Also, from April 7, 2021, foreigners entering Ukraine are required to give the purpose of their visit to the country, as well as show an insurance policy and a negative coronavirus test result. Without a purpose or one of the documents, a person will not be allowed to enter Ukraine.

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