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"Aimless" foreigners will not be allowed into Ukraine: new regulations and documents

Foreigners who enter Ukraine will be required to confirm the purpose of the visit to the country, as well as the corresponding passport documents — an insurance policy and a negative test for coronavirus.

According to the Speaker of the State Border Service Andriy Demchenko, if foreigners cannot tell the purpose of the visit, they may not be allowed to enter Ukraine. He said this on the air of the channel Ukraine 24 TV.

Quote"There are no other separate norms that would apply to foreigners by age and gender—there are no such restrictions. However, foreigners need to abide by our legislation and confirm the purpose of their trip to Ukraine. If someone cannot do this, then such foreign citizens may be denied entry to our country," he said, adding that now the passenger traffic is about 50,000-60,000 people per day for entry and exit.

Context. At the end of March, the regulations for crossing the Ukrainian border for foreigners were changed. Thus, they must have an insurance policy that covers the costs of COVID-19 treatment and observation, and it must also be valid during the entire stay of a stateless person in Ukraine.

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