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New banking fraud: NBU will check banks after PUMB's problems

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is analyzing the situation of some PUMB bank clients who lost money due to the actions of fraudsters. The regulator is also working to identify possible flaws in the security systems in the banks.

Also, the National Bank has noted that this type of fraud was used by the attackers, is quite new and technologically advanced, and therefore requires a detailed study. The NBU press service has commented this to The Page.

If the regulator discovers weaknesses in the work of the banks with client accounts and cards, then the banks will have to take action. In addition, the regulator can strengthen the recommendations to the banks. Also, the NBU stated that clients of several financial institutions were affected.

Fraudsters withdrew money from the banks through the MonoDirect service owned by monobank. The bank itself commented to The Page that the funds transaction was honest and confirmed by the bank PUMP. At the moment, monobank has no facts of alleged fraud, where there would be no initially authenticated payments using Face or Touch ID.

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