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Poll: 92% of Ukrainians feel negative towards Russia

Most Ukrainians have a bad attitude towards Russia. Photo: KIIS

Most Ukrainians have a bad attitude towards Russia. Photo: KIIS

According to the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), 92% of Ukrainians have a negative attitude towards Russia. About 500 thousand people, or 2%, treat Russia well. It means that a significant amount, despite the obvious facts of attack, still maintains a positive attitude towards the aggressor.

Over the past three months, the positive attitude toward Russia was steadily worsening. However, despite several months of escalation near Ukraine's borders that preceded the full-scale invasion, 34% of Ukrainians treated Russia well in early February 2022. As of May 2022, this figure dropped to 2%.

At the same time, sociologists conducted another survey with 501 citizens. Up to 80% of those who used to treat Russia well changed their mind.

Less than one in ten maintained a positive attitude towards Russia. Another 12% haven't made up their mind yet. Among those who used to be uncertain, 97% have already adopted a negative attitude towards it.

Around 82% of citizens who live in the territory occupied after February 24, have a negative attitude towards Russia and only 6% – positive.

All over Ukraine, the absolute majority of residents have a bad attitude towards Russia, in particular:

  • in the South – 90%,
  • in the East – 85%.

In the East, 4% keep a relatively good attitude to the aggressor.

Earlier it was reported that 82% of Ukrainians consider it unacceptable to give away Ukrainian territories to Russia to end the war.

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