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The earnings of Ukrainian freelancers increased by 20%: the most popular areas in 2020

According to the results of 2020, the income of Ukrainian freelancers increased by 20% compared to the results of 2019.

Ihor Kovalov, general manager at Payoneer in Ukraine and Belarus, spoke about this in an interview with Finance.ua.

Thus, in the Q2 the volume of payments through Payoneer for freelancers increased by 6%, in the Q3—by 2%, and in Q4—by 19%.

In particular, in the field of sales and e-commerce payments for the year increased by 35%, in e-learning—by 85%, and to service providers—by 41%.

The most popular freelance destinations in Ukraine in 2020 are the following:

  • graphic and web design;
  • programming, IT;
  • creation of multimedia;
  • marketing;
  • copywriting.

These are the areas where 79% of the specialists surveyed by the company work.

At the same time, it turned out that the hourly rates of Ukrainian freelancers in the field of multimedia creation, translation, project management, customer support, sales and finance are significantly lower than the world rates.

Context. In 2019, the freelance field with the highest salary was programming. The Ukrainians who worked in this field received a salary of $ 2.1 thousand per month.

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