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Government expands the list of citizens who can get monthly allowance: Who is on the list

The government has expanded the list of citizens who can get a monthly allowance from the state in the amount of 2,200 to 2,500 UAH. The corresponding decision was made yesterday at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Who can apply for additional monetary aid:

  • citizens from de-occupied territories,
  • people in territories where active hostilities are taking place,
  • citizens currently living in the temporary occupied territories.

How to get additional monetary aid:

To apply for a regular payment, a citizen must submit an application on the information platform Dopomoha (Help) — edopomoga.gov.ua.

A little later, as announced, an application for assistance can be submitted through the app Diia.

Context. Recall that on April 19, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched the option of registering the status of an internally displaced person in Diis for adults and children in Ukraine.

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