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Ministry of Health shares details how first person in Ukraine infected with Omicron coped with disease

The Ministry of Health explains how to avoid Omicron variant. Photo: Pixabay

The Ministry of Health explains how to avoid Omicron variant. Photo: Pixabay

The first Ukrainian patient with a new variant of the coronavirus Omicron has already recovered. The disease was almost asymptomatic. This was reported by the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Ihor Kuzin.

He added that the woman diagnosed with the omicron strain had completed a full course of vaccination against coronavirus back in April, and therefore the course of the disease had been mild. The doctor urged Ukrainians to get vaccinated against COVID-19, "because this is the only way to protect yourself from the severe course and death."

Kuzin added that current information indicates that Omicron has the ability to spread much faster than the previous variants.

Quote"At the same time, the available information indicates that the disease caused by the new variant does not have unusual symptoms and is often asymptomatic. Research continues on the effectiveness of the vaccines exactly against the new variant. However, it is a fact that vaccination remains crucial in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic," he stressed.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health noted that Ukraine has the ability to identify coronavirus strains in humans on its own. The Central Reference Laboratory of the Center for Public Health deals with the samples indicating an atypical course of the disease.

Context. According to the World Health Organization, as of December 17, the Omicron variant was recorded in 89 countries. On December 18, Ukraine joined them. A new strain was found in a woman who returned from the UAE.

Scientists from the British organization ZOE COVID Study gave the main symptoms accompanying Omicron. The most common ones include: runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and sore throat. The scientists' reports also mention such a symptom as loss of appetite.


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