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Lockdown in Kyiv: how the metro and public transport will work, what are the restrictions

For the period of a three-week lockdown in Kyiv, the number of passengers in the metro will be limited.

As stated by the Deputy Head and Secretary of the Kyiv City Council Volodymyr Bondarenko, the metro will restrict the entrance to the station during peak hours, closing part of the doors in the lobby, according to the website of the Kyiv City Council.

Quote"Restrictions on the entrance to the metro station will be introduced to avoid crowds of people, both in the lobby and in the rolling stock. If there is a large number of people in the morning or evening rush hours, some of the doors to the station lobbies will be closed, and accordingly the flow of people will be minimized," Bondarenko said.

He also explained that ground public transport will work with restrictions, namely at half of its occupancy. According to Bondarenko, only a part of the people will be able to use public transport in accordance with half of the seats determined by the technical passport.

Traffic jams and taxi prices in Kyiv on March 22

According to Google Maps, as of 11:00 on March 22 there are traffic jams at the entrance to Kyiv from the cities of Vyshneve, Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, Vyshhorod, Brovary. In the capital itself, the biggest traffic jams are observed on the Southern Bridge (Pivdennyi Bridge), Pobedy Avenue, Olena Teliga Street, Semyon Sklyarenko Street, Borshchahivska Street, Hlybochytska Street, Yuriy Ilyenko Street, Lev Tolstoy Street, Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard and others.


As for the taxi prices on the first working day of another lockdown, as of 11:00 they have hardly changed. Thus, from the left bank (Poznyaki metro station) from 120 to 130 UAH (the service Bolt notes that there is now an increased demand for travel), at the Teremky metro station you can get to Khreschatyk street for the same amount, a ride from the Minska metro station to Khreshchatyk will cost a little cheaper now—about 100 UAH, at the same time you can get there from the station Lisova for 110 UAH.

Context. Due to the active increase in the number of patients with coronavirus, a lockdown was introduced in Kyiv from March 20, 2021. The strict quarantine will last until April 9 inclusive.

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