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Kyiv is in a strict lockdown: what establishments will work, what restrictions are being introduced and how long the quarantine will last

Due to the active increase in the number of patients with coronavirus, a lockdown will be introduced in Kyiv from March 20, 2021. It will last until April 9th.

This was announced by the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko.

Despite the fact that Kyiv is still in the "orange" zone, the situation is difficult. Klitschko stated that local authorities could introduce new restrictions.

Restrictions of the "red" zone in Kyiv

From March 20, additional restrictions will be introduced in the capital:

  • a ban on the work of the shopping and entertainment centers;
  • a ban on holding mass events and sports competitions with spectators;
  • religious events are prohibited if there is more than one person per 10 square meters in the premise;
  • schools will work remotely after the holidays.

What establishments will work during lockdown

  • petrol stations will have a permission to work, however, without food zones;
  • grocery stores, supermarkets;
  • pharmacies;
  • pet stores;
  • catering establishments will have a permission to work only for takeaway orders;
  • beauty salons and hairdressing salons will have a permission to work by appointment;
  • gyms will have a permission to work by appointment, however, group exercises are prohibited;
  • kindergartens will continue to work;
  • transport will work provided that half of the seats are occupied.

Context. From February 24,2021 Ukraine has returned to adaptive quarantine that will last until May. Due to the increase in coronavirus cases, a number of regions and cities have already tightened quarantine.

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