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McDonald’s to sell business in Russia, leaving it completely

McDonald’s has started the process of selling its Russian business that includes 850 restaurants with 62,000 employees. The fast food giant pointed to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war. They say that keeping its business in Russia "is no longer viable and does not correspond to McDonald's values." This is reported by AP news.

It is noted that the company is going to sell all restaurants in Russia to a local buyer. But these restaurants will not possess the McDonald's brand. The company name, logo, and menu will no longer be used in Russia. At the same time, the company will keep its trademark in Russia.

In early March, the company announced the temporary closure of its establishments in Russia, but they continued to pay salaries to their workers. Now the company seeks to ensure the new owner of the restaurant chain employs the workers. The potential buyer is not specified.

Context. On January 31, 1990, the first McDonald’s restaurant in the USSR opened on Pushkin Square in Moscow.

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