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McDonald's is back. The restaurant chain resumes operations in Kyiv and the western regions

McDonald's announced the opening of its restaurants in Kyiv and the western regions. Photo: McDonald’s

McDonald's announced the opening of its restaurants in Kyiv and the western regions. Photo: McDonald’s

The McDonald's restaurant chain announced the opening of its restaurants in Ukraine. The official announcement was published on McDonald's Facebook account.

McDonald's restaurants suspended operations on February 24 and have remained closed to customers since then. Meanwhile, employees, franchisees, and suppliers of the chain mobilized to provide financial and humanitarian assistance to all those who needed it.

Quote"The commitment of our entire System to feed and develop communities, whether they are around the corner or on the other side of the globe, is something we can all be proud of," McDonald's emphasized.

The chain also emphasizes that supporting people in Ukraine is the company's number one priority.

Quote"After extensive consultations and discussions with Ukrainian officials, suppliers, and security experts, as well as considering our employees' requests to return to work, we have decided to implement a phased plan to reopen some restaurants in Kyiv and western Ukraine, where other businesses have safely reopened," the post says.

Over the next several months, McDonald's will work with partners to restore restaurant supply chains, prepare restaurants to serve customers, return restaurant teams and employees to the work environment, and implement enhanced procedures and protocols to keep our people and customers safe.

It wasn’t announced when the chain’s restaurants would open their doors to visitors. The process is supposed to take some time, but the exact time is unknown.

Context. At the beginning of August, rumors about the probable opening of McDonald's restaurants started spreading on the Internet. Meanwhile, the company said that McDonald's was in fact set to restore the operation of its restaurants in Ukraine, but had no specific plans or opening schedules at the time.


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