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Grammarly, Nova Poshta, DTEK, MHP and others. Mazepa Awards announces nominees

Mazepa Awards, a new award for tech companies and investors, released the full list of nominees and kicked off online voting.

The winners will be selected in 10 categories:

  • Tech Company of the Year,
  • Startup of the Year,
  • Investor of the Year,
  • Exit of the Year,
  • Breakthrough of the Year,
  • Innovator in Traditional Field,
  • Wasted Opportunity of the Year,
  • Business Influencer,
  • ESG-Champion,
  • The Grand Prix.

One can vote for the first seven categories on the Mazepa Awards website. Regarding other nominations, the organizers will announce the details later. You can cast your vote only for one applicant in each separate category. Ukrainians can name the nominee for the category Wasted Opportunity of the Year on their own.

This nomination is a support for those who could learn from their mistakes. After all, failure is a stepping stone to success.

Igor Mazepa

Igor Mazepa

CEO at investment company Concorde Capital

Voting for the contenders will last until February 28, then the top three one will be selected in each of the nominations. After that the expert jury will assess them.

The guests of the Mazepa Awards ceremony will choose the big winner of the investment award—the Grand Prix winner—on April 15.

Context. The investment company Concorde Capital acts as a General Partner of the Mazepa Awards. The award aims to recognize the tech companies that are changing the world and people who invest in innovation.

In January, the General Partners formed long lists of nominees (up to 15 in each category) based on the results of the previous year and launched online voting. In March, the jury will select the winner in each category. On April 15, their names will be announced and the winner of the Grand Prix will be selected during the awards ceremony.

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