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New restrictions in the "red" zone: masks everywhere and a ban on cable cars

The government at a meeting on March 22 expanded the prohibitions in the "red" zone of epidemic danger. In particular, it is now prohibited to stay in public areas without wearing protective masks or respirators.

This resolution (No. 230 of March 22) supplemented the "quarantine" resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1236 of December 9, 2020. It was published on the government website.

The new resolution also prohibits the work of cable cars. But the agency Interfax-Ukraine writes that according to the Technical Regulations for cable cars, a bar lift is a separate type of cable car and has a definition of not an aerial cableway.

At the same time, the resolution allows work until the end of the shift in the "red" zone during the health-improving shift for children's health and recreation establishments.

Context. At a meeting on March 22, the Cabinet of Ministers also changed the conditions for the entry of foreigners and citizens of Ukraine into the territory of the state.

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