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Next NATO summit to be held a year earlier and in country with highest threat of Russian attack

The President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda said that in 2023 the NATO summit would be held in Vilnius. According to European Pravda, the corresponding decision will be approved within the current week by the member countries of the Alliance.

Given the current situation, NATO agreed to hold the next summit in a year, and not in two years, as was the case until now. Lithuania was chosen for holding it for a reason. It is this country that is now facing significant threats from Moscow.

Context. Recall that on June 18, Lithuania banned the rail transit of goods from Russia and the Kaliningrad region, and on June 21 — the automobile transit as well. The aggressor can only deliver goods by sea.

Russia traditionally immediately began to threaten Lithuania, and Belarus called the country's actions a declaration of war against the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, despite the threats and intimidation from Moscow, Lithuania is not going to ease the restrictions imposed on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad.

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