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Latest information on Russia-Ukraine war as of 12:00 April 4, 2022

The fortieth day of the Russia-Ukraine war 2022 continues. The enemy command is deploying an offensive grouping for an offensive in the east of Ukraine.

The formation and redeployment of additional units of the Russian Federation to participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine continues, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

Volyn direction

The situation is unchanged. Units of the Belarusian Armed Forces with up to four battalion tactical groups continue to carry out tasks to cover the border.

Polissia direction

There remains a high probability of missile and bomb strikes on military and civilian infrastructure by Russian aircraft from Belarusian airfields.

The redeployment of units of the Eastern Military District and airborne troops from the territory of Belarus to the Russian Federation is noted The redeployment of weapons, military hardware, and personnel is carried out by rail and air.

Separate units of the 35th Combined Arms Army (Belogorsk) and the 36th Combined Arms Army (Ulan-Ude) of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation are located near Rechitsa and Yampol of the Gomel region of Belarus.

Siversk direction

The enemy has completed withdrawing units of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation to the territory of the Kursk region and has begun their further redeployment.

Slobozhanshchyna direction

The Russian fascist invaders continue to blockade Kharkiv and regroup their troops. The city is being shelled with artillery systems. There remains a high probability of air and missile strikes on civilian targets in Kharkiv.

At the same time, the enemy is strengthening air defense cover of important facilities near Belgorod and the areas of troop concentration in the Kharkov direction.

To better define the positions of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy is conducting reconnaissance near Barvinkovo in the Kramatorsk agglomeration area using UAVs. They are trying to restore the bridge across the Siverskyi Donets River near the city of Izium.

Near Brazhkivka, with forces up to one tank company tactical group, the enemy conducted reconnaissance in force and withdrew to the previously occupied lines.

Russian fascists are preparing for an attack on Sloviansk.

Donetsk and Tauride directions

The enemy is focusing his main efforts near the towns of Rubizhne and Popasna. It is preparing to attack Severodonetsk and is trying to gain full control over Mariupol. The Russian fascist invaders delivered 8 air strikes on the city today, street battles continue in the city itself, but the defenders of the city hold the fort of Mariupol.

The invaders also completed the regrouping and rotation of units that had lost their offensive capabilities to resume active offensive operations.

Pivdennyi Buh direction

Defenders of Ukraine are forcing the invaders back in the Kherson region. The enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance near Mykolaiv using UAVs.

In the Black Sea and the Azov Sea operational zones, the activity of the enemy ship grouping in the Black Sea was reduced due to a storm force up to 4. The rest of the enemy ship formations perform tasks in certain areas.

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