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Kyiv City Council has provided airport Kyiv with an opportunity to develop

The Kyiv City Council provided Kyiv International Airport with a land plot for its further reconstruction. This was announced by the mayor of the capital, Vitali Klitschko.

The deputies approved the land management project for the allotment of a land plot (13.16 hectares) to the public utility company Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport for the construction and maintenance of engineering, transport, and energy infrastructure and communication facilities between Medova and Promenysta Streets in Solomianskyi District of the capital.

This land plot will make the airport runway longer.

Airport Kyiv is the only airport in the capital located within the city boundaries. Therefore, an increase in its capacity will contribute to the comfort of both Kyiv residents and metropolitan visitors," Klitschko stated.

Additionally. In 2023, subject to adequate funding, Kyiv International Airport is planned to be closed for 8-9 months in order to strengthen and lengthen its runway by 500 m—up to 2,770 m.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the opening of an international state border checkpoint at Zhytomyr Airport for freight and passenger traffic with a permanent mode of operation and round-the-clock service.

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