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The dollar exchange rate for the first time in a year fell below 27 hryvnias

In early June, the dollar fell to an almost annual minimum—to 27.17 UAH. In general, since the beginning of June, the national currency has strengthened by 36 kopecks. The average dollar buying rate in banks is 26.9 UAH, and the average selling rate is 27.1 UAH.

The National Bank has strengthened the reference exchange rate of the hryvnia on the interbank market to 27 UAH per dollar, Such indicators correspond to the forecast of the dollar exchange rate for the summer of 2021.

The hryvnia exchange rate on June 14, 2021 as of 12:00 Kyiv time is 26.9 UAH per dollar on the interbank market.


At the same time, the hryvnia will continue to strengthen if the National Bank stops buying out excess supply on the interbank market. Last week, the regulator bought out $375 million and gradually reduced the value of the dollar from 27.19 UAH to 27.02 UAH.

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