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How many Kalibr missiles does Russia produce, and why does it avoid attacking with Kinzhals? Defense Intelligence answered

Kalibr and Kh-101 missiles: how many new ones does Russia make per month? Photo: Wikipedia

Kalibr and Kh-101 missiles: how many new ones does Russia make per month? Photo: Wikipedia

The stock of high-precision missiles Russian occupation forces have to attack Ukraine is becoming increasingly scarce, so the aggressor resorts to using almost all of the weapons it has. Defense Intelligence estimates that the Russian Federation is already well into the strategic stockpile (30%) of all types of missiles: Iskander, Kalibr, Kh-101, and Kh-555.

How many missiles can Russia make per month?

Vadym Skibitskyi from Defense Intelligence said in an interview with RBC Ukraine that Russia now has the capability to replenish its stocks with a few dozen missiles produced domestically.

Quote"We estimate that they can now produce 30 Kh-101 missiles per month. Speaking about the Kalibrs, we believe that it’s 15 to 20 missiles a month," he noted.

The intelligence officer added that the Russian army currently has around 60 Kallibr missiles.

Why doesn’t Russia use Kinzhals to attack Ukraine?

Skibitskyi believes that the occupation army does not use its Kinzhal hypersonic missiles for a number of reasons, including their small number. Another factor, according to him, is "problems with the MiG-31 carrier aircraft."

Quote"They don't have that many Kinzhals. If they also get used up, then Russia will simply have nothing to scare the world with. They now use the Kinzhals to intimidate by demonstrating that they have such weapons that no one can shoot down. And by doing this, they maintain the tension regarding the possibility of using these weapons not only against us but also against other European countries," he said.

Context. Earlier, Defense Intelligence said that Russia wasn’t going to end the war in Ukraine. Moreover, the leadership of the aggressor country won’t hesitate to lose tens of thousands more of its soldiers in order to achieve the goal set by the Russian dictator Putin. Intelligence does not rule out that in the near future, Russia may make a new attempt at an assault, possibly from the north and east at once.

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