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Working during war: 81% of employed Ukrainians are ready to change jobs

According to OLX, 81% of employed Ukrainians are ready to change jobs to find higher wages. In addition, Ukrainians are considering the possibility of changing their specialty.

Current situation

Along with numerous migrations abroad, there is a relocation of workers within the country. If, due to the peculiarities of the martial law, external migrants are predominantly women and children, then both women and men move to the calmer regions of Ukraine. Among those surveyed, 25% of respondents evacuated to another city in Ukraine, and 3% are abroad.

Among those who remained in Ukraine, 29% are working. Of these, 75% kept their jobs they had before the war and territorially continue to work in the Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Lviv, and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Those who, unfortunately, have lost their jobs, are either already looking for a new job (77%), or planning to do so in the near future (15%).

Openness to new experience

57% of job seekers still hope to find a job in their specialty.

Those who plan to look for a job in a different specialty:

  • open to training if it is organized by the employer (63%);
  • ready to study on their own/at their own expense (16%);
  • ready to retrain under the employment center program (13%).

New fields that Ukrainians are ready to master: logistics/warehouse, construction, and trade.

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