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Israel is considering sending weapons to Ukraine

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has told CNN in an interview he is considering military aid to Ukraine and would be willing to serve as a mediator in the war under the right "circumstances".

When asked if Israel could provide assistance to Ukraine such as Iron Dome, the technology that defends Israel from air attacks, he replied: "Well, I'm certainly looking into it."

He also confirmed he would be willing to take on a diplomatic role amid the conflict if asked by both nations and the U.S.

Quote"If asked by all relevant parties, I’ll certainly consider it, but I’m not pushing myself in," Netanyau said, as cited by MSN.

At the same time, he refused to confirm or deny whether Israel was behind drone attacks at a military plant in Iran. Netanyahu added that he was "taking action against certain weapons development" in Iran.

Quote"I never talk about specific operations… and every time some explosion takes place in the Middle East, Israel is blamed or given responsibility — sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not," he said.

Context. On the night of January 28–29, unidentified drones attacked a military plant in Iran’s city of Isfahan. The Iranian ministry of defense claimed that the Isfahan plant had been attacked by Israeli drones.

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