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India has completely cut off the supply of vaccines. Including for Ukraine

The Indian authorities have decided not to export for some time vaccines against coronavirus AstraZeneca (Covishield) manufactured by the Serum Institute.

According to Reuters citing its sources, exports will be suspended from March 25. This is due to the expansion of the vaccination plan within India (from April 1, by including citizens over 45 years old in the program), since the number of cases has begun to increase there recently. And therefore India wants to first vaccinate the residents of the country.

Quote"No exports, nothing until the situation in India stabilizes. The government will not risk it when so many people need vaccinations in India," the source said.

There are already delays in supplies to Brazil, the United Kingdom, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. This decision made by the Indian authorities will hit the COVAX initiative, since so far it has received only 17.7 million doses of vaccines out of 60.5 million that have been planned.

Shortly before the People's Deputy from the Servant of the People Mykhailo Raduktsiy reported that India might suspend the supply of vaccines to Ukraine, but he named another reason. According to him, this was allegedly due to "discrediting statements regarding India as a manufacturer of medical products and the AstraZeneca (CoviShield) vaccine supplied to Ukraine."

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