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HIMARS strikes will become even more precise: the Ukrainians have created a drone with incredible capabilities

In Ukraine, the SHARK drone was created, which can adjust the U.S.-made HIMARS rocket artillery systems.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was developed by the Ukrainian company "Ukrspecsystems".

Quote"The development of the SHARK was actually carried out during the full-scale invasion as an operational response of our company to the challenges and needs of the Ukrainian army. Today, the SHARK is fully ready for use in combat operations," the company said.
The Ukrainian-made SHARK drone

The Ukrainian-made SHARK drone

It is worth noting that the entire process of creation of the SHARK, that is, from the development of the drone to the first flight, took less than half a year.

The Ukrainian drone can fly into enemy territory and conduct deep aerial reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment, which allows for the more precise use of Western weapons, including HIMARS.

Characteristics of the SHARK

The SHARK drone is equipped with a camera with a 30X optical zoom and an additional digital zoom and has reliable encrypted communication. It is this communication that allows the drone to make incursions up to 60 km behind enemy lines and conduct surveillance at a distance of up to 5 km from the drone to the object.

It is expected that the novelty will prove its usefulness during the planning and conduct of offensive operations.

The SHARK drone was created in Ukraine

The SHARK drone was created in Ukraine

SHARK has the following characteristics:

  • Endurance: over 2 hours;
  • Communication range: 60 km;
  • Service ceiling: 2,000 m;
  • Camera: Full HD electro-optical sensor with 30x optical zoom and additional digital zoom;
  • Take-off weight: 10 kg;
  • Wingspan: 1.91 m;
  • Deployment time: 15 minutes;
  • Operating temperature: between -15°C and +50°С;
  • Encryption method: AES256;
  • Cruise speed 70–90 km/h;
  • Maximum speed: 150 km/h;
  • Stall speed: 60 km/h;
  • Take-off method: catapult;
  • Landing method: parachute.
The Ukrainian military will be aided on the battlefield by the new SHARK drone

The Ukrainian military will be aided on the battlefield by the new SHARK drone

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