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In Ukraine, the design of a plant for manufacturing Bayraktar drones has been finalized

According to the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, the design of a plant for manufacturing Bayraktar TB2 drones has already been finalized, and the necessary legal foundation is also ready.

Quote"So far, all the necessary legal foundations have been formed, and the respective international agreement has been ratified. There is a company operating in Ukraine that has finished the preparation of the physical design... We expect the plant to start operating within the next two years and manufacture products with Ukrainian-made components," Bodnar said.

He noted that the Kızılelma unmanned combat aerial vehicle developed by Baykar had recently passed the second flight test.

Quote"This is evidence of our close cooperation that brings tangible results, which, in particular, will hopefully strengthen Ukraine’s security," the ambassador said.

Back in February 2022, before Russia’s full-scale invasion, the presidents of both countries signed an agreement between Ukraine and Turkey on cooperation in high technologies, aviation, and space. This agreement provides for the possibility of establishing the production of Bayraktar drones in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Latvians collected €900,000 to buy Bayraktar drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the money will be used to buy drones from the local manufacturer, Atlas Aerospace.

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