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Crimea in smoke: explosions occurred near the Russian airbase close to Novofedorivka

In the annexed Crimea, on Tuesday, August 9, explosions were heard near the Russian airbase located in the village of Novofedorivka. A number of Telegram channels, both Russian and Ukrainian, wrote about this.

According to the published data, the first explosions occurred at approximately 3:00 PM local time. Later, local residents heard several more explosions. A total of four explosions were reported.

Subsequently, smoke rose over the airbase and was visible quite far away.

Eyewitnesses said that two injured people have already been identified. It was also reported that sounds similar to the detonation of shells were heard once every minute.

According to some reports, the explosions were heard near the airfield from which the planes of the invaders, which launch missiles at Ukrainian cities, take off.

znimok-ekrana-2022-08-09-o-161820.png znimok-ekrana-2022-08-09-o-161829.png znimok-ekrana-2022-08-09-o-161728.png

Context. In Crimea, the invaders began to strengthen the protection of the Crimean Bridge against potential attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This includes anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense.

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