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In 2022, Ukrainians will have expanded the EU labor market by 0.5–2%, says the CES


By the end of 2022, Ukrainians who moved to Europe will have expanded the EU labor market by 0.5–0.6%. In Estonia, Poland, and the Czech Republic, the boost will amount to 2%.

These data were presented at the discussion "How Ukraine's economy survived through 2022" in the Center for Economic Strategy by Hanna Sakhno, a CES expert.

Among all displaced Ukrainians in Europe, women with children constitute an overwhelming majority. In Poland, for example, they account for 90%.

Since September 1, European schools and kindergartens have enrolled 2.25 million Ukrainian children, or around 43% of their total number in Ukraine. For comparison, Hanna Sakhno said that last year, a total of 5.4 million children were recorded in Ukrainian schools and kindergartens.

In Latvia, displaced Ukrainians will receive aid until July 2023.

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