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When Ukraine will enact laws for the IMF tranche: Arakhamia has given the date

The Chairman of the Servant of the People faction expressed confidence that the Verkhovna Rada will enact by June 1, 2021 all the laws necessary to continue cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, namely, to allocate the next tranche.

He stated this in a comment to Reuters, reports the website of the Servant of the People. In particular, it is about adopting a law on criminal punishment of officials for lying in declarations, amending the law on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and amending the law on the National Bank to strengthen its independence.

Quote"June 1 is the deadline for us. Both the government and the parliament, as well as the Office of the President intend to adhere to this date," he said, adding that this date will be valid if there are no blockages in the parliament.

Context. At the end of last year and from mid-January to mid-February, the IMF mission worked in Ukraine to determine whether it was possible to provide Ukraine with a second tranche of the loan under the stand-by program, however, no decision was made.

Recall that on June 9, 2020, the IMF approved a stand-by program for Ukraine, intended for 18 months with funding of $5 billion. Ukraine received the first and so far the only tranche in the amount of $2.1 billion on June 12.

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