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Kuleba: If Ukraine does not obtain EU candidate status, it will mean that one wants to deceive Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba stated that Ukraine does not need any "EU substitutes". If Ukraine does not robtain the status of a candidate for EU membership this summer, this will indicate an attempt to deceive Ukraine. He said this in a commentary to the Financial Times.

Quote"If we do not obtain a candidate status, it will mean only one thing — that Europe is trying to deceive us. And we are not going swallow it. Ukraine is the only place in Europe where people die for the values on which the EU is founded. And I believe that this should be respected," Kuleba stressed.

He also recalled that three months ago Ukraine had had no prospects of EU membership, and now the European Union is already discussing how long it will take.

Context. On May 9, Emmanuel Macron proposed to create a "European political community" that could include countries that are not in the EU or, like Great Britain, left the Union. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported him. Macron also predicted that Ukraine's accession to the EU could take "several years and even several decades."

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