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Hungary will not block Ukraine's accession to NATO and EU — Ambassador

Hungary will not block Ukraine's accession to NATO and the European Union. This was stated by the Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine István Íjgyártó in an interview with the TV channel Espresso.

Quote"If we talk about Ukraine's commitment to join NATO, we have never been against it. Therefore, if Ukraine still wants to join the ranks of the Alliance, we will not be against it," the Ambassador said.

Mr. Íjgyártó also said that when the issue of Ukraine's membership in the European Union would be considered, Hungary would support it.

Context. Recall that Hungary is blocking the integration of Ukraine into NATO because of the language law adopted in 2017, depriving ethnic Hungarians of the right to study in high school in their native language. In early 2021, Hungary blocked Ukraine from joining the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre (CCDCOE).

In addition, recently Hungary once again blocked the approval of the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation that provided for the gradual imposition of an oil embargo on oil products.

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