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100,000 Ukrainians in Clubhouse: what do they do there and how do they earn money

The total number of downloads of the audio application Clubhouse in the world has exceeded 8.1 million, despite the fact that it is available only by invitation—the so-called invite. This follows from the data of the analytical company App Annie.

As the publication Ain.ua writes, as of February 16 in Ukraine, the service had 77,000 installations (72,000 were on the 8-16th of this month)—such data was obtained from the service Sensor Tower. The publication suggests that as of now the service has about 100,000 installations in Ukraine, since the peak of downloads has not yet subsided.

In total, Clubhouse globally grew from over 3.5 million global downloads as of February 1, 2021 to 8.1 million by February 16, 2021. Over 2.6 million downloads were made in the United States.


What's interesting about the Clubhouse

The Page previously explained that Clubhouse is developed completely on audio. The service can be called an audio streaming platform, a conventional conversational analogue of online radio, or live podcasting without video. In the Clubhouse, you can communicate with another user one-on-one, you can create an audio room where two people will have a dialogue, and the rest will listen, as well as a collective discussion, so you can join to it as a listener, and if you want to speak up, inform about it by raising an arm.

How to earn money in Clubhouse

Earlier, Clubhouse stated that they are developing ways to monetize the application, where there will be an opportunity to earn money for active users. But while the social network has not launched anything, users have come up with have come up with ways to earn money themselves.

It is about creating closed rooms with paid access, launching sponsored rooms and a sponsor for your room, advertising yourself or your resources, holding a conditional conference with speakers and selling tickets, there is also a paid moderation option—experienced people are hired to lead rooms, keep a conversation and invite interesting people, and they are paid on an hourly basis for that.

It is also worth mentioning that some users even sell invites to Clubhouse on online trading platforms such as OLX (250—400 UAH per invite).

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