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How the European Forum of Gambling Regulators is helping CRGL and vice versa

CRGL's interaction with the European Forum of Gambling Regulators brings real positive results for all parties and helps to establish basic algorithms for the development and regulation of the gambling market.

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CRGL's international cooperation in 2022

Overall, the past year 2022 saw the following successes in KRAIL's trans-national cooperation:

  • In February, CRGL received official membership status with the European regulatory authorities GREF.
  • In early summer, namely in June, CRGL officials took part in the annual international conference of the European Gambling Regulators Forum. The event took place in the German city of Wiesbaden. The conference was held primarily for organisations acting as state regulators of the gambling market. The participants discussed the new casino and sports betting trends and the main issues regarding the regulation of the casino and sports gambling markets in Europe.
  • In July CRGL received full membership status in the International Association of Gambling Regulators (IAGR). This was made possible through the implementation of the principle of reciprocal membership.
  • Also in July CRGL and Lithuanian Gambling Market Authority signed a memorandum of cooperation and understanding. Thanks to this document both organisations hope to establish a more effective system of cooperation and exchange of experience in the development and practical application of various legal regulations. A whole range of joint activities related to the organisation is also planned. Thematic seminars, conferences, training of specialists and so on.
  • Last summer, CRGL initiated a special meeting with the public, the purpose of which was to learn from the experience of the British state regulator in licensing software developers for the casino and betting industry, as well as to establish an effective system of control over this sector of the economy.
  • Already since autumn 2022 the CRGL officials began attending online meetings of the GREF working group, which dealt with issues related to the practical application of legal regulations in the field of gambling market regulation, on a permanent basis. The participants of such events were representatives of different European states.

Results of CRGL's interaction with the European Gambling Regulators Forum

As a result, such an approach will allow CRGL to offer more thoughtful and advanced solutions to the market, which will help it to develop and prevent the emergence of various negative processes.

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