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Demilitarization of Russia in action: the Ministry of Defense announced the number of missiles that the invaders still have

On November 22, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry announced the latest data about Russia’s stock of missiles. According to them, the aggressor currently has 119 Iskander, 374 Oniks, 229 Kalibr, and 43 Kinzhal missiles at its disposal.

How many missiles does Russia have as of November 22?

  • Iskander. The invaders are estimated to have spent 829 missiles of this type during the war's nine months. Before February 24, there were 900 of them, and 48 more have been produced since hostilities started. The enemy now has only 13% of their original stock.
  • 3M-55 Oniks. The invaders now have 374 Oniks missiles, which is 74% of their initial number. The enemy has fired a total of 123 missiles of this type at Ukraine.
  • S-300. There are 6,980 missiles of this type remaining in Russia, which is 87% of their number before the full-scale invasion.
  • Kalibr. The Russian occupation army now has 229 missiles of this type, which is 37% of their initial stock. In total, starting on February 24, the enemy launched 391 such munitions on Ukrainian territory. During the hostilities, an additional 120 Kalibr missiles were produced.
  • Kh-101. Russia has spent half of its initial stock and now has 132 such missiles.
  • Kh-555. The invaders have also fired half of their stock of Kh-555 missiles at Ukraine and now keep 150 of them.
  • Kh-22/32. The occupation army now keeps 120 missiles of this type, while their initial stock amounted to 370.
  • Kh-35. The Russians have used 504 Kh-35 missiles in their war against Ukraine, while their original stock before the invasion was only 500. During the nine months of hostilities, 360 additional missiles were produced.
  • Kh-47M2. The invaders have 43 missiles of this type in stock, with 16 having been fired at Ukraine.

The number of missiles at Russia’s disposal as of November 22, 2022 — data from the Ministry of Defense

Quote"Four enemies of the Russian missile arsenal: brilliant Ukrainian air defense forces; inept Russian missile forces; sanctions; time. Let's demilitarize the terrorist state to live in peace!" tweeted Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov.

Context. Earlier, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly voted to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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