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EU to give Moldova weapons against Russia: What is promised to Chisinau

The European Union is considering ways to further boost Moldova’s military, following recent terrorist attacks in the unrecognized Transnistrian region controlled by the Russian Federation.

This was announced on Wednesday by EU Council President Charles Michel, CNN reports.


Speaking alongside Moldova’s president Maia Sandu in Chisinau, Michel said some decisions have already been taken to enhance support in the fields of logistics and cyber defense.

Quote"We will help Moldova strengthen its resilience and cope with the consequences of the spill-over from Russia's aggression in Ukraine. By providing additional military equipment. And by helping to counter disinformation and withstand cyber-attacks," he wrote on Twitter.

The politicians discussed what further military support could be provided, he said, but would not go into detail "to avoid any escalation."


The so-called Transnistrian and Russian media accuse Ukraine of terrorist attacks, but the question is that this is very similar to a springboard for preparing for an attack — either on our south or on Moldova.

Quote"We don't think that it is smart or intelligent to express provocative statements about the situation in Moldova or in Transnistria," Michel said. "We want to prevent any incident."

Moldova has already complained that they do not have a combat-ready army, and they will not be able to resist the offensive of the invaders in case of an attack.


Sandu, following the meeting on May 4, recalled on Twitter that her country would not abandon its attempts to join the EU:

Quote"Michel! In these challenging times for Moldova and the region, we are grateful for all EU’s solidarity and support. We are ready to deepen our cooperation and advance our EU accession bid for the benefit of our citizens."


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  • In addition, we reported that counter-offensive drills began in the unrecognized Transnistria.
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