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Winning the media war against Russia: journalists spoke about the war between the truth and the lie


Today, Russia is increasingly using Europe’s energy problems as a media weapon in its war against Ukraine. At the "Re:Cover — How Russia’s War in Ukraine Changes Journalism" conference in Bratislava, media expert Serhii Cherniavskyi reminded the audience about it, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine reported.

Quote"Who has to convey information to the Western media? After all, the western audience needs to understand the sense of what’s happening. Proper accents should be placed. Thus, the Kyiv Independent has written about Russia’s sham "referendums" and "republics", putting the words in quotes, unlike many western media, and explained the reasons why it should be done to Western colleagues. Meanwhile, many Italian media call Putin a tzar—without quotation marks," Serhii Cherniavskyi emphasized.

It’s a war "between the truth and the lie," says Sevgil Musaieva

Sevgil Musaieva, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainska Pravda, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be in charge of conveying true and full information to the western media.

Quote"There are many pro-Russian politicians abroad. However, there’s also a high demand for correct information: for example, the English-language version of texty.org.ua immediately got more views than the Ukrainian one. It is exactly the site that explains such details. Meanwhile, Russia Today is the biggest source of information in the Arab countries, which helps spread Russia’s narratives. It should have been the other way around," Musaieva noted.
Quote"For me, it’s a war between the truth and the lie. Ukraine tells its stories honestly, and this honesty commands respect. A couple of years ago, I was telling Ukraine’s story in Europe and America, but not everyone wanted to hear me. The same people now say that conclusions were made, but it’s too late. I had a conversation with a foreign professor who said that they had disregarded the importance of Russian propaganda before. Now they focus on it," emphasized the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainska Pravda.

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