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How business works during wartime — study

More and more people are seeking employment. At the same time, there have been more registrations of new companies, although there are still not enough vacancies. This is evidenced by the results of the Opendatabot study.

Currently, 18,568 vacancies have been placed on Work.ua. This is more than 3 times more than it was in the first weeks after the outbreak of the war.

According to Djinni, a job search service for IT professionals, the number of vacancies decreased significantly in the first month of the war, and is starting to recover — although not as rapidly as the number of specialists seeking employment. At the moment, there are 47,284 CVs on the website, the number of vacancies is 15,339.

According to Jooble, a job search service abroad, the number of vacancies has been gradually increasing over the past month. At the moment, there are 32,720 vacancies. This is 1.3 times more than it was in the first weeks after the outbreak of the war, and almost half as much as it was at the end of February (61,563).

According to OLX Jobs, the number of vacancies for blue-collar jobs has increased to 32,855, but this is still almost half of what it was in the last pre-war week. In addition, job offers are still three times less than the number of applicants — there are 99,541 of them.


However, the number of new businesses is steadily growing. In total, since the beginning of the war, 28,442 sole proprietors and 4,584 new companies have been registered in Ukraine.

According to Poster POS, a Ukrainian establishment automation company, compared to the last pre-war week, 68% of food establishments are now operating in Ukraine, generating 70% of profits. The number of taxi orders, according to the Bond service, recovered only a third of the pre-war figures — 37%. According to Horoshop, the number of sales of goods on online platforms has increased to 85% of the pre-war figures. For comparison, in the first days of the war, sales fell to up to 7%.

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