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Bankruptcies, layoffs and online—9 out of 10 businessmen are dissatisfied with a lockdown

Bankruptcies, layoffs and online—9 out of 10 businessmen are dissatisfied with a lockdown

Among small entrepreneurs, 62% see no sense in the January lockdown. At the same time, 24% believe that quarantine measures are too strict, and 14% find them adequate to the situation or mild.

Including 22% of entrepreneurs who are looking for new opportunities to develop their business because of the lockdown introduction. This is evidenced by the results of the European Business Association survey.

Work during lockdown

22% of the respondents had to send their employees on unpaid leave. Another 13% cut wages, 10% partially cut their staff, and 9% decided to close the business.

Among all respondents, 9% reported that they were not affected by a lockdowт, and 15% of entrepreneurs were able to transfer their business online.

State aid

Only 36% of the interviewed entrepreneurs appealed to the state to receive 8,000 UAH. Including 33% who received funds a week after successful application submission, another 19%—in two weeks or more, 13%—in 1-3 days. 35% of entrepreneurs are still awaiting funds. At the same time, 84% consider such funds to be insufficient to compensate for their losses from the lockdown introduction.

Among those who did not manage to receive aid, 59% were refused due to non-compliance of the enterprise with KVED (Ukrainian Industry Classification System). Another 12%—due to the fact that the self-employed individual is also an employee, 9%—due to technical problems with the platform Diia.

The survey involved 105 entrepreneurs—representatives of small businesses. The survey was conducted from 11 to 18 January 2021 among the audience of the project Unlimit Ukraine.

Context. Tightening quarantine measures in Ukraine has somewhat worsened business expectations for economic growth in the country. Business expectations index fell to 99.6% in the Q4 of 2020, in the Q3 it was at the level of 100.8%.

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