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Grigorishin has returned to the Argentine electrical equipment market

After several years of interruption, Zaporozhtransformator (ZTR) has returned to the Argentine market by signing a contract with the leading local company Transener S.A. that deals with the transmission of ultra-high voltage electricity.

According to the document, Ukrainian manufacturers will produce and deliver three single-phase shunt reactors. According to ZTR, their equipment will replace the old samples at ET Puelches substation.

ZTR previously carried out a number of supplies of transformer and reactor equipment for Argentine partners. Its presence in the local market dates back to the 1970s.

"The last order to Argentina was completed in 2014. At the end of 2017, we decided to return to the Argentine market. Negotiations were held to restore relations. The result was the victory in the tender and the signing of the contract," ZTR reported.

It took almost six months to prepare for the tender and receive the order. The main competitors were Brazilian manufacturers, in particular, ABB.

"When delivering to South America, the lion's share of costs is logistics that often makes manufacturers from other continents uncompetitive. To give the best price offer, we together with transport companies managed to develop the possibility of shipping reactors by container lines. And that significantly reduced the cost of the logistics of this order and allowed us to compete with Brazilian companies," the Zaporizhzhia enterprise noted.

It is noteworthy that not everyone wishing to take part in the tender was admitted to it. A minimum of ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of similar equipment (single-phase reactors with a maximum voltage of 550 kV) was required. This narrowed the circle of participants and helped Ukraine compete with serious rivals in the tender.

"To date, the reactors have been successfully tested and are being prepared for shipment. Immediately upon the arrival of the reactors at the facility, it is planned to install and start up equipment in the presence of a ZTR representative," the company said.

The receipt of this order by a Ukrainian company indicates that, despite all the difficulties, Ukrainian manufacturers can represent their country with dignity on the world market.

Reference. Zaporozhtransformator (ZTR), formerly Zaporizhzhya Transformer Plant (ZTZ), is an enterprise producing power oil transformers, electric reactors, and controlled shunt reactors.

The enterprise is located in Zaporizhzhia. It is one of the ten largest world manufacturers of transformer equipment and occupies 4% of the global market for these products.

In 2001, the company entered the financial and industrial group Energy Standard financial and industrial group of Konstantin Grigorishin.

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