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Germany reduces dependence on Russian oil to 25%

Robert Habeck, Minister for Economic Affairs, said that over the past month, Germany had reduced its dependence on energy supplies from Russia.

It is reported by Tagesschau.

"Dependence on coal from Russia was reduced in supply contracts from 50% to 25%, for oil from 35% to 25%, and for gas from 50% to 40%. A lot has happened in the last four weeks. There are contracts that have been announced or, on the contrary, not renewed, concluded with new suppliers, and I sincerely thank the companies that have done this," the Minister stated at a press conference on Friday.

Habek stressed that these are only interim objectives.

"We are in regular contact with companies, so I think that at the beginning of summer, dependence on coal from Russia will be massively reduced, and by the end of summer, by autumn, we will be able to abandon Russian coal. As for oil, I expect a halving — now we have a decline from 35% to 25%, that is, by about a third — by the summer," Habeck added.

The EU and the U.S. will continue to make efforts to waive Russian gas supplies.

The day before, Habeсk, speaking in the German Bundestag, argued that Germany was not yet in a position to immediately impose an embargo on coal, oil, and gas from the Russian Federation. However, the first step forward towards this objective has already been taken, and he thanked the German companies that are already trying "step by step to implement the embargo."

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