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Ukraine loses points of "freedom", and Crimea dropped to North Korea

Freedom House has published its annual Freedom in the World report. According to its results, in 2021 Ukraine is a "partly free country".

Thus, it scored 60 points out of 100 possible (last year it was 62). In particular, it received 26 out of 40 in the field of political rights and 34 out of 60 in the context of civil liberties.


Ukraine’s points in the Freedom in the World-2021

  • Free and fair elections of the head of government and another main national authorities—4 out of 4;
  • free and fair elections of the law representatives—3 out of 4;
  • fairness and implementation of electoral laws—2 out of 4;
  • the right of people to unite in parties and groups—3 out of 4;
  • the opposition's ability to gain power through elections—4 out of 4;
  • freedom of the people’s political choice from the domination by various forces—2 out of 4;
  • political rights of the representatives of the various population segments—3 out of 4;
  • determination of the government policy by the elected head of government—3 out of 4;
  • safeguards against official corruption—1 out of 4;
  • open and transparent government—1 out of 4;
  • free and independent media—2 out of 4;
  • expression of religious faith or disbelief—3 out of 4;
  • freedom of the education system from political indoctrination—3 out of 4;
  • free expression of personal and political views—3 out of 4;
  • freedom of assembly—2 out of 4;
  • freedom of nongovernmental organizations—2 out of 4;
  • freedom of trade unions—3 out of 4;
  • independent judiciary—1 in 4;
  • legal procedure in civil and criminal matters—1 out of 4;
  • protection from the illegitimate use of physical force and freedom from war—2 out of 4;
  • equal treatment various segments of the population—2 out of 4;
  • freedom of movement—3 out of 4;
  • owning property and establishing a business without interference from government and non-government organizations—2 out of 4;
  • personal social freedom—3 out of 4;
  • equal opportunity and freedom from economic exploitation—2 out of 4.

Freedom of Crimea at Freedom House 2021

As for Crimea, the peninsula was recognized as non free, it received 7 points (a year ago it was 8), taking 201st place from 210. Only North Korea, Syria, certain territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russia, and others received this number of points or less.

Thus, the occupation government restricts political and civil rights, blocks access to independent media on the territory of the peninsula, applies Russian anti-terrorism legislation in the political persecution of citizens who do not agree with the actions of the occupation authorities, and so on.


Freedom House has been publishing Freedom in the World reports annually since 1978. In these reports, the organization analyzes the situation with political rights and civil liberties in different countries, assigning a rating to each and dividing them into "free", "partly free" and "non free".

Context. A year earlier, Ukraine was also a "partly free" country in the rating of global freedoms.


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