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Metropolitan hotels Fairmont Grand Hotel and Opera will obtain gambling licenses

Fairmont Grand Hotel

Fairmont Grand Hotel

The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries has agreed on licensing the companies Grand Management and Intern to conduct gambling in slot machine halls or organize betting in the premises of the hotel complex Rus and the hotel Opera in Kyiv, respectively.

This was reported by the agency Interfax-Ukraine.

Organizing and conducting gambling is also permitted on the ground floor of the Fairmont Grand Hotel in premises with a total area of 1,500 square meters. Earlier, the Grand Management (the owner of this hotel) was rejected to get an approval due to the submission of an incomplete package of documents.

The Commission confirmed the compliance of the premises with an area of 621 square meters on the second and third floor of the hotel Opera to the requirements for organizing and conducting gambling.

The Hotel Complex Parus (Mykolaiv), Atrium Delta (Hotel Druzhba, Kryvyi Rih), and the Hotel Complex Bratislava (Kyiv) received refusals to approve premises for organizing gambling zones.

Additionally. Earlier, the Commission approved the issuance of licenses to the companies Silhouette-BC (City Park Hotel, Bila Tserkva), Hotel Kharkov, Sigma-3 (hotel France, Vinnytsia), Hotel Lviv, Skarb (hotel Ukraine, Rivne), Hotel Property (hotel complex Lybid, Kyiv), Gagarin Group (hotel Gagarin, Odesa).

The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL in Ukrainian) was headed last October by a former combatant Ivan Rudy. Prior to his appointment to this position that has a high risk of corruption, he was known as the hero of the ATO, who, after being wounded, was able to defeat himself and become part of the national team of Ukraine at the Invictus Games in the Netherlands.

The Page asked the Chairman of the Commission what he would do next and when we would see the money promised by President Volodymyr Zelensky, announcing the creation of a legal gambling market in Ukraine.

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