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EU leaders agree to extend sanctions against Russia

The Heads of the EU member states came to an agreement to extend economic sanctions against Russia for another 6 months. Their validity period was extended until July 31, 2022.

The President of the European Council Charles Michel noted that the extension of the sanctions had been supported by all 27 leaders of the EU countries. He also noted that Moscow would face serious consequences if it resorted to "further military action against Ukraine" and called on the Russian Federation to start fulfilling the Minsk Agreements.

Context. For the first time, the EU sanctions against Russia were imposed on July 31, 2014 in response to the Russian Federation destabilizing actions in the east of Ukraine. In September of the same year, they were tightened. And in 2015, the EU decided to bind the sanction extension to Russia's fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements. Since then, they have been consistently extended every six months.

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