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Estonia and Latvia recognize Russian war crimes in Ukraine as genocide

The parliaments of Estonia and Latvia recognized the Russian crimes in Ukraine as genocide. This is reported on the website of the Saeima of Latvia and in the Telegram channel of Olena Shuliak, the head of the Servant of the People party.

Shuliak stressed that the Estonian parliament was the first in the world to consider the issue of recognizing the genocide that Russia committed on the territory of Ukraine.

Quote"It is symbolic that the highest legislative body of this particular country is the first to consider this issue. Becase it was they who were the first, back in 1993, to recognize the Holodomor caused by Stalin’s Russia as a genocide of the Ukrainian people," the MP explained.

The head of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rihards Kols, recalled the main and urgent priority — protecting the people of Ukraine from further crimes against humanity and helping to liberate Ukrainian land from the invaders.

Quote"This can only be achieved through an urgent and sharp increase of arms supplies to Ukraine and an immediate halt to the import of fossil fuels from Russia by the European Union," Koles stressed.

He also stated that "the arms supplies were previously delayed for months because of fear to provoke Putin, but with the increase of Russian atrocities, this caution is no longer an excuse to spread genocide in the heart of Europe, in Ukraine."

Latvian parliamentarians called on EU member states to immediately suspend imports of Russian oil and gas.

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