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The Cabinet of Ministers has come up with a way to increase electricity prices: to raise tariffs not for everyone

The Cabinet of Ministers is considering an option to increase electricity tariffs for those who use more than 300-500 kWh.

The government has not yet made a final decision, but the media outlet Obozrevatel, citing its sources, writes that the following options are being considered:

  • the tariff will be revised this year, but not in April (earlier it was planned to increase the tariff from the next month);
  • the new tariff applies to those who spend a lot of electricity;
  • the tariff will be determined in the summer. Probably, it is about more than 2.5 UAH per kWh.

The media outlet writes that the increase will affect those who consume more than 500 kWh of electricity per month and now the Cabinet of Ministers is considering an appropriate mechanism. This decision is explained by the fact that such an amount of electricity is spent by those who live in large houses and apartments and use a large amount of equipment and, obviously, can afford to pay the full cost. But Ukrainians may suffer, who do not apply for a subsidy, but use an electric boiler, since in winter they can consume about 1000 kWh.

Quote"It is very difficult to explain to people who really have no money why they cannot pay 1.68 UAH. This tariff has not been revised since 2017. The real cost of electricity is already at least 30% higher. And then on condition that everyone will pay the same price," a source in the government summed up.

Context. Earlier, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission canceled a number of electricity benefits.

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