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Electricity exports will grow in 2023, says the Ministry of Energy

Ukraine plans to export more electricity to Europe in 2023 than it did last year, according to Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko.

He noted that income from the exports of electricity will accumulate additional financial resources to restore the energy objects that were destroyed or damaged by Russian attacks.

Quote"Unfortunately, we don’t see the opportunity to meet the respective financial needs to restore the energy system before the next heating season with exports only. There are a number of different solutions being discussed now. However, of course, the opportunity to generate income from the exports will provide extra funding for our power generation and companies to build up the resource," the minister said.

The official emphasized that the key objective is meeting internal demand and that exports can be stopped if the situation changes.

Galushchenko also noted that there are plans to expand the interconnections between Ukraine and Poland, ensuring the possibility of increasing exports.

The last time Ukraine exported electricity to the EU was last October. The generated income was preliminarily estimated at $113.4 million in October and nearly $327 million between January and October. On October 11, 2022, electricity supply to Europe was stopped due to massive Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy facilities.

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