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The participants of the Crimean Platform adopted a declaration: the main theses

In Kyiv, during the summit of the Crimean Platform inauguration that should become a center for the development and adoption of international decisions on the de-occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula, representatives of 46 countries and unions signed a joint declaration.

It is open for other states to join it. Approval of a declaration means that the State party undertakes to consider its provisions when making decisions at its national level.

The main theses of the Crimean Platform declaration

  • any change in the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol as an integral part of the sovereign territory of Ukraine is not and will not be recognized, and Russia's attempts to legitimize the temporary occupation and unlawful seizure are unacceptable;
  • the participants confirm their determination to maintain pressure on Russia to end the temporary occupation of Crimea and restore Ukrainian control over this territory;
  • the participants welcome the establishment of the Crimean Platform International Expert Network and invite international and national non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and the expert community to join its activities;
  • Russia was also encouraged to participate constructively in the activities of the Crimean Platform;
  • the participants decided to consider imposing further political, diplomatic and restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, if "Russia's actions require it";
  • called on Russia to fulfill its obligations as an occupying state in accordance with the norms of international humanitarian law;
  • it was decided to unite efforts aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of the civilian population living in the occupied Crimea, and to achieve the immediate and unconditional release of Ukrainian citizens illegally detained or convicted by Russia for political reasons;
  • agreed to consider the possibility of supporting economic, infrastructure, and environmental projects that would contribute to the further development of the regions of Ukraine that border the temporarily occupied Crimea.


Context. On the eve of the summit, the United States announced who would be its new representative at the event. The delegation will be led by the head of Department of Energy Jennifer Granholm instead of Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg.

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