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Cryptocurrency exchanges limit transactions with ruble and registration of accounts in RF

Cryptocurrency exchanges have limited transactions with the ruble. Photo: pixabay.com

Cryptocurrency exchanges have limited transactions with the ruble. Photo: pixabay.com

Cryptocurrency exchanges Kuna, WhiteBIT, and CEX.io have imposed restrictions for users from Russia over the war in Ukraine.

The Kuna exchange blocked transactions with ruble pairs and also removed the possibility of depositing/withdrawing the ruble. The founder of the platform, Michael Chobanian, apologized to customers and explained that it was a "difficult decision". At the same time, in a conversation with ForkLog, Chobanian stressed that clients from Russia still had the opportunity to withdraw cryptocurrency to third-party addresses.

The WhiteBIT exchange suspended registering new users from Russia "due to implementing new verification procedures according to sanctions lists." The administrator of the Russian-speaking group of the WhiteBIT exchange gave such an answer in Telegram to the user’s question of whether the exchange can block the accounts of Russian citizens who have undergone KYC procedures. The exchange team has already checked most of the accounts and found no violations.

The CEX.io platform has suspended registering new users from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The exchange suspended all deposit and trading activities of clients from these regions and also extended the processing time for withdrawal requests for them. The cryptocurrency transfers are included in the list of restrictions.

Orders paired with the Russian ruble will be automatically cancelled. Restrictions may be reviewed after the "crisis abates." At the same time, CEX.io notes that access to accounts is preserved, the funds are safe. The platform will also continue to earn rewards for staking assets.

For customers from Ukraine with accounts older than two months, as well as customers from Russia and Belarus with accounts older than four months, the service is available in full.


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