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There are already three types of vaccination certificates: what is the difference and what are they necessary for

Several types of vaccination certificates will be available in Ukraine. In particular, it is about paper, electronic and internal documents.

A paper version of the certificate is to be available in the fall. Kateryna Chernohorenko, Project Manager of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, spoke about this at a press conference, Ukrinform reports.

Paper vaccination certificate

Such a vaccination certificate can be obtained from a family doctor or medical institutions. It will contain a QR code, providing the information that can be decrypted using an appropriate scanner. The document can be used to travel abroad.

The Ministry of Health reported that such a certificate would contain information about:

  • complete vaccination;
  • negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus;
  • previously suffered coronavirus.

Internal vaccination certificate

An internal vaccination certificate is also planned to be launched. Such a document will be in force only on the territory of Ukraine.

The certificate will allow one to attend public events in the summer. In addition, in the fall, when there will be another peak in the incidence, the range of using such documents can be expanded.

Electronic vaccination certificate

The application Diia launched testing of electronic vaccination certificates. The document is formed on the basis of data entered into the e-health system during the coronavirus vaccination.

However, a certificate is only generated after a person has received two doses of the vaccine. Such certificates can be used to travel abroad. However, different countries have their own requirements for entry documents, so somewhere a certificate will be enough, and somewhere a PCR test result is needed.

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