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COVID-19 vaccine: countries-antivaxers and blacklists

Every day the world is getting closer to the mass vaccination of the population against COVID-19, however, not all residents of the countries are eager to be vaccinated. The Page publishes statistics on the largest states.

In Ukraine, about 40% of residents do not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus, even for free, according to the social group Rating latest survey on this topic. At the same time, 53% are ready to get vaccinated if it is free, 35% if they have to pay for it. At the same time, 57% of Ukrainians are not going to get paid vaccinations.

Willingness to get vaccinated against coronavirus in Europe

In France, 40% of the population wants to be vaccinated against COVID-19, in Spain and Italy—62%, in Germany—65%, follows from the data of the December research by Ipsos and the World Bank. Moreover, according to October data, there were more people eager to be vaccinated in these countries.

It is also worth noting that a closed register of persons who refused to be vaccinated will be created in Spain, said the country's Minister of Health Salvador Illa, the BBC reports. Information will be entered there regarding the reasons for refusing vaccination.

In the UK, in turn, 77% of the population is ready to be vaccinated. Conducted polls in Poland have shown that at the moment less than 40% of the country's residents are planning to be vaccinated. In Bulgaria, 45% of survey participants also do not want to get vaccinated.

According to Reuters, the skepsis of many Europeans is caused by the COVID-19 vaccine speed of testing and approval.

Willingness of other countries to get vaccinated against coronavirus

In the US, the number of people who are ready to get vaccinated is 69% (previously there were 65%), reports The Bell. It is worth noting that now a massive vaccination campaign has begun in the country. As of the evening of December 28, 2.1 million of the country's population were vaccinated.

As for China, the number of those eager to be vaccinated there has decreased by 5% since October, the figure has decreased from 85% to 80%. However, the country's vaccines are still in phase three trials, and mass production has not begun.

In Russia, only 43% are ready to be vaccinated, and in South Africa—53%.

Context. Earlier, we reported that the Ministry of Health approved a vaccination plan against coronavirus in Ukraine. It is noted that such a plan can be changed depending on the epidemic situation.

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