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Coronavirus in the EU: Council of the European Union has updated the countries’ division into zones

The Council of the European Union has amended the recommendations on travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. From now on there will be a new zone color—"dark red".

This color will indicate areas where the virus is circulating at a very high level, including new strains that are the cause of concern, the Council’s message states.

It will also be applied in territories where the cumulative 14-day incidence of coronavirus is 500 or more cases per 100 thousand people.


However, most of the EU countries are in the "red" zone, so new "dark red" zones will identify regions with very high risk.

Moreover, EU states should discourage all non-essential travel to the "red" and "dark red" areas.

Also, countries will have to require tourists from such areas to do a coronavirus test before arrival and be quarantined.

Context. The Council of the European Union approved the countries' division into zones in accordance with the epidemic situation in order to avoid disruptions to the functioning of the Schengen and make border crossing understandable for citizens.


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